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Boca Raton, FL
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Government Software, Data and Payments
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An industry leader in software, data and payments that provides solutions for government entities to facilitate property tax payments and sells access to real-time property data

Autoagent provides sophisticated and simple-to-use software to government agencies for property tax collection in exchange for usage of its platform and access to real-time tax data.  Autoagent also sells the data to lenders, property managers and other stakeholders and collects revenue on electronic tax payments made by property owners. Autoagent’s property tax collection platform and dedicated payment and data platform benefits taxing jurisdictions by offering a more streamlined, accurate and digital solution strategy while eliminating processing errors for taxing jurisdictions across the United States.


We saw an intuitive, scalable and highly valuable software, data and payments company with an experienced executive leadership team who have cultivated a strong culture and a demonstrated ability to successfully grow the business, in an industry where we have significant experience.  Autoagent has proven to be highly successful at creating enduring partnerships with taxing jurisdictions across the US, who are enthusiastic advocates of Autoagent’s solutions. With our support, we expect the leadership to continue driving growth within government jurisdictions and expand their capabilities across government payments beyond their core focus on property taxes.


We are just embarking on our journey together!

Niko Spyridonos

Founder & CEO


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