International Money Express, Inc. Delivers Record Sales Over Mother’s Day Weekend

MIAMI (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – International Money Express, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMXI) (“Intermex” or the “Company”), a leading money remittance services company focused primarily on the Latin America and Caribbean corridor, announced today that it set an all-time high for one-day sales on May 9, eclipsing the previous high in May of 2019 by 16%. May 9 also marked the single highest sales day for Intermex remittances from the US to Mexico, the single largest money transfer corridor in the world. Additionally, online sales in April grew 183%, building on the strong growth delivered in Q1.

“We are enormously proud of the dedication and performance of the Intermex Team, who have demonstrated resilience and ingenuity to help our customers deliver money from the U.S. and Canada to their families in 23 countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia despite the COVID-19 pandemic,” commented CEO and Chairman Bob Lisy.

“Our ability to deliver exceptional Intermex reliability and service quality while protecting our team members during this crisis is a testament to the talent and resolve of our team,” stated Chief Operating Officer Joseph Aguilar.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Intermex observed April year over year declines in remittance volume of only 7%, far lower than the declines projected by others in the industry. Through the first half of May, sales volumes have continued to recover materially.

Mr. Lisy added, “This great performance is also a testament to the resiliency of our expansive but targeted retail network providing our essential service. Finally, it’s an opportunity to thank our loyal customers, whose tireless and brave efforts in the essential services of agriculture, construction and other vital areas of the economy are helping the country through this crisis. The fact that consumers are drawn to the Intermex brand in greater numbers versus competitors in difficult times is not uncommon. It is a strong statement of the reliability and the value of our service. As states and localities have begun to reopen, we have opened over half of our 33 company-owned stores and will continue to do so in accordance with government guidance.”

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At International Money Express, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMXI), the customer is at the center of everything we do. We use proprietary technology that enables consumers to send money primarily from the United States to 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including Mexico and Guatemala, four countries in Africa and one country in Asia. We offer electronic movement of money and data to our customers through our network of sending and paying agents located in all U.S. 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada, and throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and other territories. Our services are also available digitally through We were founded in 1994 and are headquartered in Miami, Florida with offices in Puebla, Mexico, and Guatemala City, Guatemala.

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